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Andújar, considered one of the most representative olive-growing regions in Spain, is filled of paved narrow streets and preserves the charm of a highly-historical destination. Its wonderful ceramics, its exquisite dining options and the Natural Park of Sierra de Andújar are the most important attractions in the town.

Ceramics from Andújar

Andújar is well-known by the pottery sector, since professionals are still working with the same techniques as in past times, but combined with modern equipment and systems. Even today, the plaster is picked up from the river’s quarries and pieces are modelled manually in the potter’s wheel. Potters are still using the ovens to get ideal finishes and to decorate their works before selling them.

Natural Park of Sierra de Andújar

Flora and fauna at this park are a clear example of the landscape richness you can find in Andújar. You can go walking by the hiking paths while you enjoy the birds’ songs and the animals passing by their habitat. Furthermore, you will feel surprised by the colours of trees and bushes that are typical in the South.

First class olive oil

The olive harvest has always been one of the principal sustenance of the region, since it is the base of the Spanish “gem”: the oil. The fields of olives can be seen from any point of the Jaén geography, since there are a large number of countries importing our extra virgin olive oil. Important culinary professionals from all over the world adore this delicacy and prepare their dishes with the oil from Andújar and other nearby areas.